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Market App Update

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Good morning everyone!

I wanted to give an update on how the stock market is coming along, being that I haven't posted on it in awhile. I'm still cranking away at it, slowly but surely. There are two things that I'm working on right now:


1. Corporation name generator

2. GUI interface


The corporation name generator essentially takes 3 different collections of words and generates a new name for a corporation whenever a new corp is needed. Basically, this allows for a massive number of different possible names to be generated on an as-needed basis. The data for the generator is what I'm working on at the moment, and is a slow process. There's a surprising amount of research I'm having to do to ensure that the names fit the locations the corporations are supposedly based out of, and that the names actually make sense. I'm nearing completion of the first collection, though -- very exciting!

The GUI interface has been a pain in the ass to build, but it's been fun trying to design it. Right now, I'm trying to build a way for multiple factions to be addable to the market, rather than a set number of them, which will allow maximum flexibility for new additions in the future. I have a few ideas on what I can do to get it up and running, but it'll be awhile before I can flesh it all out completely.

Next tasks in the build process:


1. Corporation background generator (makes a brief synopsis on where the corp is based and what it does)

2. Serverside statistics and data presentation
3. Reading/editing FL files

These parts will take a long period of time to build, but we'll get there. If you have any questions on the project, feel free to post them here and I'll answer however I can.

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