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@  McKooter : (31 August 2019 - 02:12 AM) what!? a new site?? i slaved over this place :D eyo to fenris, rags, and ahroun
@  Fenris_Wolf : (14 July 2019 - 01:56 PM) Awesome. After much pissing around I can login again. Just a reminder we've got a new website running at https://tekagis.ca and a discord server https://discord.gg/psX8HBu
@  Ragabash : (10 July 2019 - 07:32 PM) Tekagis must rise again
@  Ahroun : (10 July 2019 - 07:31 PM) OMG I can't believe this login still works!!!  :blink:
@  McKooter : (26 June 2019 - 02:52 AM) just stopped in to say hi if anyone reads this still
@  MINDDRIVE : (01 June 2019 - 12:46 AM) ello ello
@  The_Fiddler : (11 March 2019 - 03:18 AM) 10 active user(s) (in the past 15 minutes) Play, play !!!
@  The_Fiddler : (10 March 2019 - 04:48 PM) Looking forward to explore this mod again :)
@  Nameless : (25 August 2018 - 12:54 AM) Server down?
@  MINDDRIVE : (03 July 2018 - 10:49 PM) all your bass
@  Fenris_Wolf : (05 June 2018 - 03:14 PM) https://tekagis.ca/p...ic.php?f=7&t=13
@  Fenris_Wolf : (05 June 2018 - 03:13 PM) ya the globals been a real pain the last 8/9 months or so, edit the shortcut to your freelancer.exe, and add -sflserver.tekagis.ca:2302
@  McKooter : (05 June 2018 - 02:21 PM) Been good, i gotta figure out how to connect, i got the game, i have the mod... but i click and no global servers, no way to find the server. Ill admit its been 5 years since i have tried to connect...
@  Fenris_Wolf : (04 June 2018 - 09:33 PM) hey mck how you been?  :)
@  McKooter : (04 June 2018 - 02:57 PM) O_o hey guys
@  Fenris_Wolf : (29 May 2018 - 02:27 PM) The flserver doesnt run on the same line as the webserver. Since FL doesnt really run on linux so well its more of a home hosted connection, where our webserver is located in a datacenter on a fast line. Ellis was probably using his bandwidth for something else last night
@  Nameless : (29 May 2018 - 05:27 AM) Hmmm...  Average ping from the game server of ~2500 for several hours.  The websites is ~70.
@  Nameless : (26 May 2018 - 04:29 PM) I don't mind doing reps per se.  It's trying to get white or green with ALL of them at one time.  Right now my main character, Nameless, is white to all but Boskos, Admins and the Bundschuh.  It just took 300+ hours online to figure out who to kill, where to bribe, and which supply depots to destroy when.  Best two depots are the BH in Manchester and Shikoku, and the Liberty cops at Manhattan.  Fixes most things right up.   :P
@  Fenris_Wolf : (24 May 2018 - 02:41 PM) I aways hated doing reps  <_<
@  Nameless : (24 May 2018 - 07:38 AM) Fen, I hate mazes and fixing reps with so dang many factions.  Let's see if I can get neutral with everyone but the Boskos and Admins.  And figure out how to blow up mazes!   :rolleyes:


Server News.

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Hi guys,  well best to get to the point on this I think, I have the news you have been asking for and I`m afraid its probably not what you want to hear.  There wont be a new mod guys...


More than anything RL has kept the team from being able to spend the time needed to progress with the mod to the point its very  rare we even get a chance to chat with each other these days,  I had a chat with rags today and tbh we didn't even realise how long its actually been, I think we`ve been partly hoping we could get back to it and again being honest probably avoiding admitting that we couldn't.


Its a strange feeling after all these years sitting here thinking theres so much I want to say, but very little I can say !  


If its any interest to any of you there is one thing we have chatted about and one way or another will happen...  RSI / Star Citizen...  we cant say for certain until nearer its release but if we don't run a server for that we certainly will be putting a team together for it...  


:)    I`m just gonna leave this at that guys, like I said theres not really a lot I can say...    so I`ll end with this..


THANKS to all  the players that have been and gone for making this an unbelievable trip.


Thanks to Rags, Iceman, Madcat, Spirit and Cursor for the last 5 yrs mayhem :)


Thanks to Bobway, Vanguard, Munky, Shark and Outlander for the 1st 5 yrs of mayhem lol


but more than  anyone else...   Uni and Ringy,





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I'm not sure how I feel about this, to be perfectly honest. For once, I have no idea.


Half of me is boiling over. Actually, a lot of me is doing that currently. It's mixed pretty well with depression. The other part is okay with the understanding of why the project was halted.


I already know about the underlying issues as to why the project was halted. Rags wasn't doing too good personally, which I totally understand him taking a long breather to get everything sorted (if it was sortable, some of it wasn't.) I'm cool with that. I can live with it. Sometimes you get dealt a hand you can't do anything with at all and wind up having to fold whether you want to or not.



Now, for the actual meat and potatoes. I would like to start, first off, by saying that this isn't meant to bash anyone. This is how I feel about the matter, so if you take offense at this or take it personally, it's on you. Second, this is me speaking alone, not for any group as a whole. I'll let whoever else talk as they want and express their own points.


We've waited very, very patiently as a group for a solid year and more for something -- anything -- like what we were told to expect since the server was taken offline for use in the testing of the game. That's more than a year of your truly dedicated and interested community members spending their time to see if anything new has occurred. I know I checked in nearly every day, either at work, from my phone, or from my desktop at home, sometimes hanging around for hours on end for anyone who wanted to chat and to wait for a new status update that I fervently maintained a hope would come at some point. This is one of the reasons that I kept writing in the RP section.


After reading this post, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I feel a sense of betrayal. It's that feeling that leading a good portion of my anger. You can argue with me on that as much as you'd like, but I don't think you'd be able to change my mind. I know I've been waiting since the update was first announced around two or more years ago (I've lost track of the time) for something to take place, keeping up hope that we'd become a server for Freelancer like no other. I watched as the server's population dwindled and withered away. The majority of my friends and clanmates dropped one by one as they lost the will to continue waiting or simply refused after a particular incident on the forums. I think we both know which one that was, Jaco. Though I don't generally hold animosity toward others, I don't forget easily. Perhaps one or two have popped up now and again, but rarely have I seen them for more than a brief moment.


I can't count the times I'd offered to assist in the actual coding itself. Ragman can attest to that. I can't say that I have a lot of experience in C#, but I've got a good amount in Visual Basic -- close enough to know what I need in order to be able to adapt to the C# code that Freelancer is built upon. My only problem was that I didn't have and couldn't find the resources I needed to be able to adapt to it and understand how it all functioned. Much of Starport's important tutorial sections were incomplete or too general for me to do much with and Rags wasn't up for teaching me (understandable with his personal goings on.) However, that's not to say that the offer wasn't laid out numerous times. Each time it was rejected. All he or Spirit had to do was ask for help. I would've assisted however I could, just as I did as I dumped numerous hours into chewing through each infocard contained in a mammoth list they'd sent me. I spent time researching, reading, re-reading,  elaborating, and getting creative with each of them as they appeared. Hell, I'd even offered to run the server from my desktop if they'd been interested in teaching me how to set it up. I didn't care as long as it meant keeping the community alive. I'm not sure if it would've worked 100%, but I could've at least settled with the fact that I tried.


With no steady flow of updates after I'd asked a few times via threads here, I knew that the project was totaled. Deep down, I didn't want to come to that reality, because I knew that it'd mean the death of my Freelancer home. As Rags had pointed out a number of times, Freelancer is a dying game. Even as I'd been told that again and again, I didn't want to hear it. It was my belief, and still remains as my belief, that one of the main things that was preventing people from joining was the lack of something new in the game. That, and a community that's active and willing to continue to press on, despite the game's age. You already had the community as I'd tried to show you. In my eyes, all we needed was a finished product and a server home. It didn't matter if it was buggy as fuck or not. It was something that we could call home.


The notion that there seems to be no will to do anything with this or to continue with the project is what feels to be the most depressing aspect. The secondmost being the feeling that we were mostly forgotten. I don't want to migrate and call another server home. There was never -- and still there isn't a place -- like Tekagi's. I haven't been on Freelancer to give another server a try since Tekagi's was shut down. After this, I don't believe that I'll be looking for one in the future either. You might say that I'm being overly dramatic, but I mean it when I say that this has broken my will to play Freelancer in general again. I can only liken the feeling to that of losing a closer family member, as I've generally considered the Teks community as an extended family.


We've had loads of great memories and fantastic encounters. I just want to state that this is a painful and disheartening way to part. Should any of you change your mind about finishing this, my offer remains open. If not, then it was fun while it lasted and I'll see you on the field when Star Citizen comes out. Thanks for the time you put into it and for helping to make this community what it was.



Lastly, I'd like to make a specific shoutout to Flea, Nobodie, Deathawk, Dstryr, Pokey, and all of the others. You guys were great and I can't stress how much it fucking sucks to have to part like this. You guys made it all worth while, on and off the field. Thanks so much for being there through the trials and tribulations. And through my killing sprees. If you guys want to do something else, hit me up. My Skype name should be about the same as my display name. Either that, or you can shoot me an email or find me under Steam with the same name or as zero_order.


In defensione et fraternitatem Elohim...




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at this Morning at 8 am i boot up my pc, open Tegagis, got my coffee cup and read this site.. and my day is gone!

Me, some friends and my 2 sons have played TT a while before it was closed. not heavily but we played,, at some times RL comes first (absolutely correct) and than hours after hours to have FUN! yeah tt was a lot of fun and it couldn´t be the end of this !

i personally tested Discovery ,Hamburg city,some other mods and it all never! get me that feeling i have here.. like zero said "home"!! 


my sons got both old pc´s (money money money) and there is not much out there what you can play with this machines,so the "old" games is our first choice! my sons wait and asked every! week whats going on with TT and i could say "at work" for over an year (or 2?) . 


so "Star Citizen" or even "STO" isn´t an real choice to play and we wont! We want TT


(Sorry for my bad English, i get my coffe spit out as i read the news so i am really +#+ß´+0ß+´#+0ß´!)


i can write more but not at this point! i am sad, really pissed off and speechless! 


after all, i want to thank the team for his huge amount of time they spend in it to get us pleased and sad it comes to this end!


and specially an big thanks to my "hate-friends"  the Bad guys! you make it an real choice to play this ! first you train me than you gave me an chance to hit you and than kill me with 20 guys! what an lesson for live (LOLZ)

thanks to all my friends that explain me a lot and make this place feel like home!


i am sad and out and must get an new cup of coffee!

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    Damn It is very sad  for a great community and an awesome mod to end like this, but unfortunately everything that has a beginning has an end too ,this is the course of life


For me this was the best mod i ever played and i ve try a lot  mods untill now, i only hope in one day somehow i will can play again TT :)


In the end i want  say for all of you , good luck and best wishes cya TT

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I'm disappointed, but I do want to say thank you to all of you guys I played with throughout the years.  I've never found a friendlier community in any game I've played, and will remember my time on the server fondly.

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It's always too soon when your time is up.  Live and die... by the barrel of a gun.



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Tekagi's was always a top server in my book, and yes I've usually felt it was the best mod running at any given time in all of it's versions.  It has managed to hold on longer than most due to the dedications of those that worked on it and for it.  I've flown and sparred with several good M8s on here.  So all I am, going to say is, thank you to all that have been involved with TT through the years.  I'm not going to let myself be sad, I'm going to smile at all the good memories I have of Tekagi's when I think of it.  So thank you modders, server admins, forums admins and fellow Tekagi's players all.  I wish you all luck and happiness in your endeavors!   


Hammer, former clan leader of Hammer's Slammers  -=*HS*=-



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Honestly, I'm not surprised. These news are actually not news, but something that anyone following the project would figure out a long time ago, if he really wanted to look at it realistically. Sad? No, I'm not sad anymore. I'm just pissed. Not even sure why I've been coming around here. Probably waiting for a miracle. Anyway, the new mod was announced about 4 years ago. (And not 2 years some of you think, its actually been a lot longer, maybe even longer than that. Time does fly by really fast.) So the first year after announce, when the server was alive, we really knew that there was work going around the mod. I remember previews of updated Omicron Gamma,  was making rp plans with Scorpion etc, hoping well get an increase of players after release. Later, the communication between the staff and the community simply declined. I said numerous times that we desperately needed updates, we needed to see that the progress was actually made - some assurance that we weren't waiting for nothing while we steel had the player base. That stuff never came.


 I think Jaco made some posts with excuses, but that was just painful to read - nothing that would actually show that there is a bright future for the mod. So it was just a matter of time people would leave the server, and that would discourage the devs even more. The community died because it felt like you guys didn't care about us at all!  I remember taking a note in the shoutbox every December that another year has passed with no friggin updates. 


 Betrayal. Yeah Zero that's a word that matches this situation. Promises promises and promises, nothing else. Our extreme patience was never rewarded, and personally, I feel that it would have been better, that the death of the mod would have been announced when the staff realised that they didn't have enough human resources/wish/knowledge/chance/time/we to finish the mod (and especially when we lost the .com domain) so the remaining people that cared about it wouldn't waste their brain cells and time for nothing anymore. If I moved to Discovery, no matter how alien it felt, maybe I'd still play Freelancer to this day. But now it's too late. I accused Vesko for betraying Teks, but now I know that he did the right thing in his time.



Anyway, I'm not going to make the regular thanks to all kind of end of post, since theres not much left anyway, so I just gonna say I especially appreciate the roleplaying gang of people, the ones that participated in the tavern, wrote diaries and stories, and ingame acted In Character. Flea and Zero showed some mad writing skills. 


Special thanks to Ragman, as he struck me as a dedicated and hearthy person, with whom the dialog was always possible and pleasant. And Spirit too.


Jaco,  you should have left the team ages ago. Seriously, I might not even remember why or what, but I still have this negative feeling about your attitude towards other people. 




Srsly I want back to 2006. 60+ people online, clans with members taking whole game chat window. KoF, GoM controlling Omega-5 with the best lazers, SITH flying their capships in Azariah, RAIDERS...  And Kosmetas didn't yet form the APOC. I hated all [K], and what can be worse than a dedicated clan of mindless pshycho killers that always sported the latest most expensive equipment (like those ridiculously high priced rockets) and were best at what they were doing.  :oops:  



*Corsars captain walks towards the pond with his beloved Shark Mutant pets, and takes a long breath, looking at them with a sad look on his face. He then slides his hand into his pocket and reveals his corsairs ancestral blade. He makes a quick motion with his hand, sliding the blade along his naked stomach making a deep cut. He then relaxes his fingers and the blade drops into the water, leaving a bloody trail. The Corsairs leader takes a step forward and clumsily falls into the water... Moments later the water in the pond would turn all red as the two sillouettes tear his body apart. 



This community did not deserve such an end. Neither did the Captain. 





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Jaco,  you should have left the team ages ago. Seriously, I might not even remember why or what, but I still have this negative feeling about your attitude towards other people. 


That's easy Nobodie...   I`ll tell ya why,   


Out of the 10yrs I was part of this mod its only been the last 4yrs or so that I haven't felt the need to justify to any players why and what we do m8,  its only when people like you and few others come along and seem to think you have the right to demand  our time and attention.  It would NEVER occur to you guys that YOU may be PART ! of the reason it failed eventualy !  Did you really think that guys like us have absolutely nothing else to do with our time than spend day and night lookin for ways to keep you all going ?   to listen to some of you it would seem we just need to press a button or flip a switch and hey presto... new mod.  when your getting something for nothing m8 you do NOT have the right to question it... you can take it or leave it,   so...   why is it ya have that feeling...   because its only guys like me that will say what needs to be said whether I like it or not which is also the reason your reading this topic about the mod that I posted because if I didn't there would be NO post and incidently NO forums to read it. 


So feel free to have a bitch fest about how we or as the case may be I let you down because I probably more than most understand why you felt the need to say thanks to your buddies in rp and tavern but cant bring yourself to say the same for ALL the people who gave up their free time to bring you those very things. 


So...   I`ve absolutely no doubt you and possibly others will want to have a good rant about this little post... please bear in mind that  it may be because of you and the attitude of thankfully a very few others that this team (myself especially) lost all interest in givin our FREE time.  as in life theres always gonna be those few who spoil it for all the rest.


last word...   yes I`ll continue to read with amusement likely but will NOT reply again,   while the forums are here anyway...  for there is now one positive change for me.. I now agree to the forums being closed instead of disagree :)  as was suggested by others.