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Server Rules

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Tekagi's Treasure Server Rules



The following are the currently defined rules and regulations of the Tekagi's Treasure server. Please read and abide by these rules during your time on the server.



Combat Rules:


  • Do not attack anyone below level 65 unless they agree to it. However, if they're in your clan's home system, you may ask them to leave and go back the way they came. If they refuse, they may then be destroyed.
  • You may attack a person only 1 time per hour. If killed, you may not return to try to kill them again until the one hour time limit as passed. If your target explicitly agrees however, you may return to attack again before the standard time limit is up. This rule doesn't apply in a clan's home system. After killing them, ask them to leave. If they refuse, they're free game again.
  • Clans may fight other clans as much as they want, within reason. For example, a clan's members may not gang up on and endlessly camp another clan.
  • To try to add a little realism, during group combat, you may return to combat if the following two conditions hold true:
  1. You still have group/clan mates currently fighting in the engagement area.
  2. You are returning in a character that hasn't yet been killed in that engagement.
  • If your group was fighting a non-clan group, no person in the group that initiated group combat may return to attack their previous opponents for one hour after combat is over. This is, of course, unless your opponents give you permission for another round.
  • Camping a jump or a station is allowed. When doing so, please abide by the previously-explained rules.
  • To promote RP, you must announce yourself before you attack. It helps players understand your role ingame and makes the experience a little more realistic.



Non-Roleplay (NRP) Rules:


The NRP rules apply to those who do not wish to join PvP, nor participate in special events on the server.


  • NRP characters may not attack, nor be attacked by other players. They also can't participate in special server events, thereby being prevented from gaining rare or expensive rewards from the event's completion.
  • NRP players must include "(NRP)" in all of their character's names when their characters are created.
  • A player must always have "(NRP)" on ALL of their character's names if they wish to abstain from PvP. These characters will NOT have their names changed if they wish to participate in PvP and server events. If you want to participate, these characters must be deleted and new ones created. Having NRP characters and non-NRP characters at the same time is not allowed.
  • Supplying clans or other accounts you own with whatever you gain with a "(NRP)" character is strictly forbidden. If you're caught breaking this rule, the group or account you've supplied will be stripped of assets, including banked credits and equipment.
  • NRP characters cannot be affiliated or work with clans or other non-NRP players. NRP players cannot be in clans, either.
  • Please equip the basic license for each of your NRP characters on your account.



Miscellaneous Rules:


  • As a courtesy, please do not leave your characters unattended in another clan's home system.
  • Don't log out on another player when you're about to be killed.
  • All clan members must use the same license. If you're in a clan, you must use your clan's declared license on your tagged characters.
  • Please be respectful to other players on the server. If you have a disagreement that you're unable to resolve or a complaint, contact an admin for assistance. This can be done through the "console" channel in ingame chat or through a PM on the forums.
  • Do NOT create a new thread intended to defame or flame a specific player or clan. You will be warned, it will be deleted, and if it continues, further action will be taken. Posting to form a constructive general discussion about a clan's conduct is okay.




Not having read or seen the rules is no reason to not abide by them. If these rules are broken and reported to us, we will act based on the severity of the offense and the offender's history, regardless of who the player is.

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